A Maggid is a skilled narrator of Torah and religious stories.

ברוכים הבאים לשבט שלנו


The first series of The Maggid was held over the course

of 7 nights in Winter 2019, in Philadelphia, PA.

The  Maggid is now back for its second series in Philly,

held over the course of 5 nights throughout Summer 2019.

Co-ed events take place in a chill local bar; while events that are just

for women and girls take place in a  private home. The address is only given,

privately, to confirmed attendees and is located in Center City.

We gather, get comfy, and our founder, Amanda Thum, leads

opening storytelling. Stories are in one of two literary categories: 1) non-fiction and

2) fiction, but using metaphor/symbolism (they are not simply conjured).

The night continues and concludes with additional stories from

the group, mostly determined beforehand. This is the moment in which anyone

has a chance to be The Maggid. Use your voice!


There is a theme for the stories told at each gathering.

You will see this listed under each event date on the "Sign Up Now" tab.

Stories must also be founded in, or lead to, lessons of Torah; mitzvot; or general

Jewish thought. Example themes: trust; family; faith; purpose; confidence.

נתראה בקרוב